About Us

Our fabulous little pub was opened March ,2012. It has been a privalege and an honour to watch Seamus Davids quickly become a regular stop for new friends and old friends alike!


Seamus Davids is near and dear to our hearts as it is named after our 9 year old
son Seamus David. Our son , Seamus is named after his 2 grandfathers James
(Seamus in Irish) and David both from Portugal Cove, Newfoundland and both from Irish descent. Growing up in Newfoundland has taught us the importance of family and close community ties. It has been our goal to create that through Seamus Davids Pub with fantastic service , warm smiles and an inviting atmosphere. 

Dartmouth Crossing has provided us with the perfect location to fulfill a dream and with the love and respect of our fabulous customers Seamus Davids is everything we dreamed of.


Seamus Davids pub is our baby ! Beverly, Stephen and Seamus are very proud to be part of such a wonderful community .
We love it ! We live it !  we spend our days making it better for you...


Beverly, Stephen & Seamus